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Course Outline:

Our NA program runs for 10 days (with additional clinical times).


Quality HealthCare Training, LLC prepares competent nurse aides, who are knowledgeable and safe, with a caring attitude, who are able to provide nursing care and/or coordinate care for clients in long-term care, home health, hospice, and hospital settings.  Our graduate Nurse Aides will be prepared to use their skills, knowledge, and understanding for giving safe, Quality HealthCare to their clients.

Tuition Includes:



State certification exam preparation

Laboratory sessions

Clinical rotation

Enrollment Requirements:


Must be 18 years of age

TB Skin Test (not required at time of registration)

Criminal background check

Get Reimbursed:

All Medicaid certified nursing facility must reimburse a CNA for their training and testing costs (up to $951.00) within a six month period. This is required by Section 9.9.C of the Nursing Facility Cost Reporting & Reimbursement Appendix in the Medicaid Provider Manual. A provider that does not comply with the Medicaid Provider Manual is in direct violation of their Provider Enrollment agreement. The only exception to this policy is if a CNA has not secured employment within twelve months of their testing date, they have already been fully reimbursed for their NATCEP costs, or works for an assisted living, hospital, or home healthcare facility.

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